The Rolling Stones

In late 1962 in London, an English rock band was formed, and the band was called The Rolling Stones. Brian Jones is considered as the first stable line up of the band. He was the lead vocalist, guitarist harmonist and keyboardist, followed by Mick Jagger who was also a lead vocals and harmonist. Keith Richards also being a guitarist and a vocalist, Bill Wyman doing the bass, Charlie Watts responsible for the drums and Ian Stewart is the pianist of the band. However, in 1963, Ian Stewart was removed from the official list of the line-up of the band but continues to work in the band as a contracted musician up to his death.

Brian Jones went to London for having the reason that he wants to spend more time with Alexis Korner’s Blues, Inc., and there he then decided to start up and form his band. Through that time of the Blues Inc. from there, then changed their name into The Rolling Stones.

According to Keith Richards, Brian Jones named their band while a phone call with the Jazz News. When Brian Jones was asked by a journalist of what their band name is, Brian Jones saw a Muddy Waters LP that’s lying on the floor which Rollin Stones were one of the tracks.

Over the past 50 years, the Rolling Stones band had already released 29 studio albums, with 18 live albums, plenty videos, compilations their concert films. The Rolling Stones received an award from the UK Music Hall of fame in 2014 and received another award of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fames in the year of 1989. The band was ranked the fourth spot on magazine’s 100 Greatest Artist of All Times. During 2014, they estimated 250 million of albums that had been sold.

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