The Beatles

It all started at 1961, their band still had so many of works to do and received lots of disappointments through their singing careers. Through their popularity in their country, UK, their career grew from the year of 1961 to the year of 1962. The band was rejected by Decca in the January 1963 because of the criticism that they have received because of the “Guitars are on the way out”. Moreover, during on August 1963, the released a song “She Loves You” that became the song’s first hit that many people fell in love too.

Before John Lennon and Paul McCartney met, John Lennon had already a band called “The Quarrymen.” It was not that until the years later, Ringo Starr had earned a spot to become the fourth member of the Beatles. In late 1969, their band was called the Silver Beatles or Silver Beetles. And in that time, the group went to Hamburg and appeared as a 5-headed band together.

In 1960 Liverpool, an English rock band called “The Beatles” was formed. “The Beatles UK band was soon known for being foremost and also the most influential act in the era of a rock. The band rooted in beat, skiffle, roll, and rock in the 1950s. The band later tried several genres, like ranges from a ballad to an Indians genre.

In the year of 1964, the band Beatles became an international star which leads the “British Invasion” in the market of the United States, the released of their album hits a numerous of sales records. Which the band Beatles soon developed their motion-picture debut called A Hard Day’s Night, still in the year of 1964.

Their band was vital because they are the ones who were responsible for the mid-1960’s musical British Invasion that happened in 1960.

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