Pink Floyd

During the 1965th year in London, an English rock band was formed, and they called the band like Pink Floyd. Students formed the band Pink Floyd. Syd Barrett who’s a guitarist was also the lead vocalist, Nick Masonon, the group’s drummer, while Roger Waters is responsible for the bass and also a vocalist, while Richard Wright does the keyboards and also a vocalist. During the late 1960s, after the Pink Floyd performed at London‘s underground with a music scene, they gained popularity. Along with the band’s successful debut album, which is entitled as The Piper at the Gates of Dawn during the year of 1967?

On December 1967, the guitarist and also a vocalist David Gilmour decided to join the band which he becomes as the primary lyricist and also a conceptual leader. He joined the group because Syd Barrett had to leave the group because of the deteriorating condition of his mental health in April 1968. It was a tough decision, but it just had to happen to continue and go in.

The band Pink Floyd has already achieved the international acclaim through the band’s psychedelic and progressive music that influenced many people. Their sonic experimentation knew the band of the Pink Floyd, philosophical lyrics, extended compositions and elaborated of the band’s live shows. Their band is included in one of the most successful commercial and a significant influencer to make the music history.

When Pink Floyd has reunited at 2005, many people were waiting for their performance at Live 8. At times, since the members of the Pink Floyd were both discouraged and encouraged with hopes. David Gilmour and Roger show that they were interested in continuing their solo careers rather than trying to regain the past glory of the Pink Floyd.

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