In London, in the year of 1996 until 1997, an English alternative rock band was formed, and it was called Coldplay. While Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland still study at their University College in London, they are already looking forward to forming a band together. After they formed Pectoralz, Guy Berryman decided to join the group and became the bass guitarist and leads which changed the band name into starfish. Will Champion also joined the band and become the drummer and as a backup vocalist that plays many instruments, and now the line-up of the band was already complete. From 1998 until 2001, Phil Harvey was the band’s manager. Moreover, during 1998, the group finally come up with a new and official name of their band called “Coldplay.”

The group was initially called “Starfish,” and another friend’s group was called Coldplay. Way back then, Coldplay name was already used, and when the friend’s group no longer wanted to have the name, the group ask if they could use the name Coldplay instead. The friend’s group thought about the original Coldplay name coming from a collected poem through a book.

When the band Starfish already had their new name as Coldplay, they make their meaning of their band. The meaning of Coldplay is a clean bandit. It is a more close translation of Coldplay.

After the Coldplay band released three Eps that didn’t become a hit song, the band released a lead single in March 2000 that came from the Parachutes entitled “Shiver.” This became Coldplay’s 1st40 hit. Also, in the same week, the band supported a forum in Tunbridge Wells for the band of Terris.

Many songs that you heard on the Spotify, internet, radio and more may have no point at all. However, through the band’s years, they had succeeded in producing many songs that have significant lyrics.

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